How It Works

We are here to provide basic technical support as it related to supporting remote learning and working. This includes internet access issues, software configuration and training, video conferencing, and general issues.

  1. In order to receive help, click on the “Get Help” links throughout the site. Please fill out the support for as completely as possible, this gives our support reps basic information they need to help you.
  2. Once you fill out the form, we will automatically create an account for you and create a “trouble ticket” on your behalf. Be sure to check your email so you can activate your account.
  3. You ticket will be reviewed by a volunteer tech support technician and they will reach out to you to provide assistance. The reply may be via email or phone depending on the nature and urgency of your problem.
  4. Once your account has been created, you will (eventually) get access to additional support resources such as a knowledgebase of common problems, help articles, and real-time chat with support.

Please note this project has evolved rapidly, and we are still working through various logistics in order to provide the best support possible. Please bear with us if you run into any issues, we’re working hard to build this support system to help our community.

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