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Thanks for offering to volunteer! Let’s prep you for what the ask is. As our public school system prepares to offer distance learning, there is a potentially large need for support. Santa Cruz County schools has upwards of 2000 teachers, and those needs will create very dynamic workloads. In order to scale and manage the potential demand, we are seeking volunteers to provide tech support.

Distance learning will be provided via video conferencing provided by Zoom. Tech support needs will range from basic internet connectivity problems, to hardware and audio/visual issues (think chromebooks, headsets, etc.), to any manner of support for teachers, students, and potentially a pool of under served tele-workers.

All potential volunteers will need to be(come) familiar with technologies such as Zoom, Slack, Freshdesk (ticketing), and writing technical support articles for the knowledge base. You will be responsible for the triage, support, and/or escalation of support requests.

Our assistance is provided to customers during typical business hours on a best effort basis. By having a large pool of volunteers, we expect to meet the need by distributing requests across the pool. Answering as little as a few cases a day could make all the difference, so we appreciate any time you are able to give.

In order to provide assistance, we expect you will be able to login to Slack in order to receive notifications, login to Zoom Phone to receive the occasional phone call, be able to respond to tickets via email, and provide support via Zoom audio/video meetings.

All volunteers will be asked to submit to a background check for the safety of our customers (students/teachers/workers), and all communications will be recorded for auditing purposes.

Thank you in advance for your help. Please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact as soon as possible.

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